What is the formula for cobalt (II) phosphate?

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  • The phosphate ion, PO4, has a -3 charge, so for divalent

    cobalt, or Co(II), the formula is: Co3(PO4)2

    Hope this answers your question.

  • Cobalt Ii Phosphate

  • Cobalt Phosphate

  • To do this follow the following steps;

    1. find the element symbol in the question in this case cobalt is Co and phosphate is a polyatomic ion, (there is no way to know the empirical formula so you would need to look it up) in this case its PO4 with a -3 charge)

    2. you would then criss cross the charges, and you know that Co has a charge of +2 because of the roman numbers.

    3. when you criss cross the charges you would get;


  • Co2(PO4)3

  • Co3(PO4)2

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