What is the kinovelax diet plan?

Is it a gimmick ? I can't find what's it about. You either have to sign up on the website or pay. So has anyone done it??

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  • I used Kinovelax Diet Plan few months ago and reluctantly I must say it works and has many good features. I was so happy with it and recommended it to a friend.

    On Kinovelax Diet Plan you are encouraged to eat real foods and lots of them. They suggests you eat four meals a day and that you choose your food combinations wisely. The focus is not on eating diet foods or low calorie knock-offs.

    They recommends real food that can be found right in your grocery store, which means you can make this diet affordable! You eat the foods that you like and that you can afford using their sound knowledge on nutrition and their tasty recipes and cooking strategies.

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  • Its probably too new to have many reviews.

    oops! Sounds like you are looking to loose a bit of unwanted weight.

    I have a few suggestions:

    Please note that any pill or supplement that is powerful enough

    to be effective, is also powerful enough to be DANGEROUS!

    and also, please, if you ever consume any of the soft drink type products

    ( even the "diet" kind ) STOP NOW, never drink that stuff

    its VERY BAD 4 U!

    You are also going to have to burn more calories than you eat

    and there is a base-line min of calories that you should not go under.

    for most people that is about 1200 calories a day depending on how

    active you are, if you get to little food in your effort to drop some weight,

    your body will go into starvation mode ... NOT A GOOD IDEA!


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  • For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/avdaK

    You need some good fats in your diet. Ever single cell in your body needs it for growth and repair. Don't make the mistake of thinking that the fat you eat only becomes fat on your body. Perhaps incorporate fish, nuts, eggs and/or avocados?

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