what is the meaning of “HAMMER TIME” ?

what is the meaning of "HAMMER TIME" ?

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  • True it comes from MC Hammer signifying that he's about to do a dance solo but, over the years it has evolved to mean that it's time to get busy and do something like get to work or start fighting or close a deal etc.

  • What Is Hammer Time

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    Hi zele, He has to think for himself cause his parents don't always answer for him or give him the answer, or his parents are driving him crazy. Hammer= something to pull nails out with, to hammer nails in with, Hammered=slang for drunk, MC Hammer- rap singer, Hammy=grandson calls his hamster. Have a good night. :0) Additional Details: Your English typing seems alright to me, there are alot of English words meaning something else & of course used differently by all individuals. Ask your pen pal since he was the one to use it, that way you will have some understanding how he thinks.

  • Well, ask MC Hammer, he is sure to know...when he says hammer time, I believe he means to watch him dance...and he is good at it...

  • From weird musician MC Hammer. Remember parachute pants? (shudders)

  • that means it time to do the mc hammer dance.

  • That MC Hammer is about to dance -- YOU CANT TOUCH THIS!

  • Uhhh... it's time to get hammered?

  • it means the rapper who lost his money due to corny dancing and large baggy pants is about to make his career worse!!!!


  • its an ethnic anatomical thing keep thinking and maybe u will figure it out

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