What is the N.C. Fraternal order of Police?

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    What is the N.C. Fraternal order of Police?

  • North Carolina Fraternal Order of Police?

    the Union for them

  • Detective Matt Shell of the Haywood County Sheriff’s Office said he has received a few inquiries from residents about the legitimacy of a telephone call regarding solicitations for donations to the North Carolina Fraternal Order of Police (NCFOP).

    “‘Is this real?’” he said of the questions he has been asked.

    Shell, who serves as the liaison between the Haywood County lodge and the state organization, said the NCFOP has been conducting a fund-raising solicitation program for about nine months since opening a call center in Goldsboro.

    Representatives at the center call North Carolina residents to familiarize the public about the NCFOP and to ask for support through donations.

    “Is there a certain code word? No,” Shell said of how to know if the call is legitimate or a scam. “But ask questions about the program. Anything other than this is not the FOP.” The NCFOP used to contract out its fund-raising services, which meant the organization only received 15 percent of the donations, Shell said. Now, with the opening of the new call center, the NCFOP keeps 100 percent of the donations.

    “Our main function is to help police officers and their families,” Shell said, adding that donations are tax deductible.

    The organization provides a variety of services to its members, including death benefits for families of its officers, legal support, and legislative activities targeted at improving law enforcement in North Carolina.


    The Fraternal Order Of Police is the oldest and largest law enforcement organization in the world. Founded in 1915, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the FOP has grown to over 310,000 members with affiliate lodges in Canada and Ireland.

    Over 1,000 of the 2,100 lodges operate under collective bargaining agreements.

    The FOP in North Carolina emerged on the scene in 1954, with the first lodge located in Asheville. Today Harold C. Enloe Lodge #1 has over 250 members and continues with the slogan, "Building on a proud tradition".

    Currently there are fifty-one local lodges totaling over 5,200 law enforcement officers from the mountains to the coast. The North Carolina State Lodge was formed on May 23, 1972 with the stated goal that lies at the beginning of our constitution:

  • My brother-in-law, who is a Police Sergeant in upstate NY says FOP is the only place you should donate to.

  • Don't know, don't care. Probably wearing pointy hoods as well.

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