what is “The Night” by Disturbed about?

we have to do a project about our favorite song, and what is the meaning behind it, so i was wondering if anyone knows really what the song "The Night" by disturbed truly means. i dont want any bullʂɧ.ıɬ answers saying its about the night, i want answers by people who actually know, thanks!

4 Answers

  • My interpretation of this song is someone trying to become their own person and decide for themselves what they want to be and trying to resist the pressure from outside sources to conform to their beliefs.

  • The Night Disturbed Lyrics

  • Disturbed The Night Lyrics

  • David Draiman (Disturbed Vocalist) said:

    The song "The Night" is, "just kind of meant to portray the night almost as like a living entity that sets you free. You're enveloped by it, enmasked by it"

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