What is the origin of this phrase?

"Why I oughta?"

The first time I heard it was in a movie called Peggy Sue Got Married. Every wise-cracker kept saying it. I don't understand the joke. Where did the line originate from?

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  • The honeymooners.

    Ralf used to shake his fist at his wife and long suffering friend and say " why i ortta"


    One of these days Alice, POW, right in the kisser.

    One of these days Alice im gunna send you to the moon.

  • Peggy Sue Got Married Quotes

  • It's actually a phrase that the Three Stooges would say. The joke was that they were supposed to be a second away from doing something, but never did. "Why, I oughta! was a threat that they hoped (and planned) to never follow through on.

  • Moe used it as a verbal threat in the middle of a physical movement to punish Curly or Larry or Shemp- but Moe would usually get interrupted before he could follow through on the threat and get punished himself instead-- a comedic reverse.

  • Moe, da Stooges. It meant "I should / ought to hurt you for your shortcomings." My friends and I have used it for years, just like the guys in Peggy Sue Got Married, a great movie by the way.

  • katy bar the door

  • Its just like saying , i have to ...

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