What is the oxidation state of each element?

What is the oxidation state of each element in Mn(CrO4)2?

3 Answers

  • Mn +4

    O -2


  • CrO4 is the "chromate" ion and has a -2

    since there are 2 and the overall charge of Mn(CrO4)2 is zero.. Mn is +4

    O is -2 as it usually is...

    so Cr is +6

  • Okay will perpetually be a +1, and oxygen will constantly be a -2. It is the chlorine that may have a number of exceptional states. And also you need a impartial molecule. But with diatomic oxygen, it is impartial, so one fairly does not feel in phrases of assigning a quantity. As far as which is oxidized and which is decreased, it has to do with which manner the oxidation number moves, and you must commit that suggestion to reminiscence.

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