What is the penalty if I cut this little lock on the electricity clock meter and open the meter?

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  • As long as you just cut the lock, and just leave the meter open, probably just a charge for the destruction of property (the lock). Misdemeanor, fine.

    However, if you attempt to tamper with the internal mechanism, and you are successful, you could be charged with a theft of utilities. Could be a felony, with fine and/or jail time.

  • Electric Meter Lock

  • At best, the penalty will be having to pay the highest electrical bill you've had over the past year plus the cost to purchase and install a new meter.

  • It's bad from a penalty basis. It's extremely dangerous.

    There really isn't any reason to do this. If you don't know the penalty, you don't know how to safely tamper with it. Call an electrician if you need work done. They can legally and safely mess with the meter.

    FYI -- I searched a bit for the penalty on this. I couldn't find the penalty for messing with your own meter, but it's really bad (felonies) for tampering with someone else's, especially if you get some kind of compensation.

  • The mere opening of meter is tantamount to theft. Unless you accidentaly removed it without malice, or under some circumstances beyond your control. There are many circumstances that will determine the gravity of your offense. Example, by killing alone will not necessarily will put you in jail when the reason for example is self defense or defense of stranger or relative.

  • first of all if there is misreading of meter usage they will calculate the highest level of usage in same time as last year for you plus cost of electrician that has to seal it again and written warning for such this mistake for next time plus heavy penalty i guess about $ 20000 dollars if it happen again.

    so DO NOT TRY.

  • It depends on why you oƿє-ṅєd the meter and what state you reside in. in most states you can be arrested for stealing electricity. not to mention if you don't know what your doing it could be a shocking experience for you.

  • In central CA PG&E will prosecute you and assume you have been stealing power and get you charged with a felony SUE you and pay legal fines. And good luck in the future trying to get utilities in your name.

  • you will go to the state pen, while there, you will become the girl friend of a big guy named "rock", you will end up getting married to "rock", in the little chapel at the prison,.....have a good life,.....

  • 90 days plus estimated useage, plus court costs.

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