What is the proper battery cable connection when jumping two automotive batteries?

A) Negative to Negative / Positive to Positive

(B) Negative to Positive / Negative to Positive

(C) It doesn't matter on 12-volt automotive batteries

3 Answers

  • 1) Connect Red cable to the good batteries postive post

    2) Connect Black cable to good batteries negative post

    3) Then connect the other Red cable to the dead batteries positve terminal

    4) And finally connect the other Black cable to the dead cars body, engine block, or frame. Make sure all connections are tight and the metal is clean.

    Remember than when conecting a battery or jumping one Red (positive) is the First Cable to go on and the last cable to be taken off.

  • Depends. If you are into selling alternators, then neg to positive will do just fine(even for a second)

    Connect positive to positive first, then negative to negative second step

  • dead battery red to red black to black good battery red to red black to black or any thing medal or A

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