What is the real difference b/n an APRI dog and an AKC dog? And which should be more expensive?

I am thinking of purchasing a pug puppy. They want $400 for the female and $350.00 for the males - only 1 female in the litter. They are APRI rather than AKC. Are these reasonable prices? And what is the difference b/n the two classifications?

Also, to let everyone know, this was an accidental litter. The male is now fixed, and the female will be fixed soon.

I am also very interested in a simple mixed breed puppy from pound/SPCA.

The reason I want a puppy rather than an adult is b/c I already have 4 other adult dogs, and they have shown that they accept puppies better than adult dogs.

I am not interested in showing this dog, nor would I even slightly consider breeding it.

There are WAY TOO MANY wonderful dogs w/o homes already. I know this.

However, I AM asking if these prices seem reasonable or not.

The only reason I have any interest in them is that they are pugs. I once had a very special friend who was a pug. And since my dachshund just past a month or so ago, and I work with the person who is selling these pugs, I am interested.

If I do not get one of them, I will definitely get a puppy from a shelter.

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  • AKC is considered a respectable registry, apri is a paper registry. Dogs are not allowed to be akc reg unless they are proven to be full blood with pedigrees from other respectable foreign registries or born of akc parents. APRI will register a pup with a photo of the pup and a statement from a friend saying it *looks* full blood to them. APRI does not require dna to prove ancestry on frequently used sires if your new pup does not grow up to look like it should by breed apri offers no remedy, akc does, you can have dna tested. Many from akc went to apri because they were questionable about who the parents or sire actually was of a litter. AKC allows limitied registraiton with no breeding rights, APRI does not. Many apri dogs are from akc parents whos buyer got limited reg because they were pet quality and signed contracts not to breed them, instead they went to apri and did, violating any ethics or moral code and contracts. APRI condones puppy brokers and puppy mills, in fact it caters to their needs- visit their website- akc forbids the brokerage of puppies.

    Not all AKC dogs are well bred or good examples of the breed. Back yard breeders still breed within AKC. Price is not that different. If you want a pet and are willing to fix it, you can get a well bred akc pup from health tested titled parents for about the same price as a back yard bred dog with breeding rights. Responsible breeders do not usually charge more for either sex or color on neuter contracts but will make you sign a contract. It is the best way to get a healthy dog that will be with you for many years to come. They also offer support for problems during the dogs lifetime and willingly (often is stated in the contract) take back any pup they produce so it never ends up in a shelter. If you honestly just want to buy pet it is the best way to go.

    Shelter dogs are great pets, they seem to know you saved them and many become the best dog you have ever owned. Its always preferable to save a life over buying if you have the option.

    ADDED after updated question

    Its hard to say about the price it depends largely on area and how common they are there. I live close to dallas and it sounds about right for a large area with competition in newspaper ads for that size breed. Have you checked your local paper and the papers for surrounding areas? Many have classified sections online on their websites.

    Breed specific rescues are something else to consider if you want a purebred but price generally depends on what they had to spend to vet the dog and are often higher than spca prices.

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    What is the real difference b/n an APRI dog and an AKC dog? And which should be more expensive?

    I am thinking of purchasing a pug puppy. They want $400 for the female and $350.00 for the males - only 1 female in the litter. They are APRI rather than AKC. Are these reasonable prices? And what is the difference b/n the two classifications?

    Also, to let everyone know, this was an accidental...

  • APRI is a registry that anyone can sign up with if you pay. My cousin registered her lizard as a golden retriever and they accepted it. AKC only registers dogs that their parents were AKC. So, you only have purebred dogs with AKC and with APRI you just have a piece of paper that means nothing.

    As far as cost, the APRI should be a lot lower than AKC. I can't tell you if the price you are showing is good or not because pugs go for different prices around the country. An AKC pug in NY goes for anywhere from $1000-$1500 a puppy. APRI is of coarse less unless the breeder thinks they can get one over on a buyer and get the $1000 price. I know you aren't going to show, but you want a quality dog for health and temperment reasons. Make sure you see the parents, ask questions about their health and temperments. Find other breeders in the area and find out what they are selling their pups for and what papers they have. This will give you a good idea about the price you were given. You can check out www.pugs.org and look for a local breeder listed with the club or go to your local paper and see if any are up for sale in your area. What ever you do, research. Good Luck on finding your new family member.

  • Apri Registered

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    Like many people said, APRI is a "bogus" registry that will literally register nearly anything (including mixed breed dogs, I believe - the new designer "hybrids"). I do know people who have bought unpapered "purebreds" for $600 so I'm not sure how bad a price you paid... heck, many of the designer hybrids are going for $600 and up (even 2,500 in some cases of "labradoodles). As far as breeding, I'd say NO. If it isn't even AKC (not that that in itself is a guarantee of quality) it isn't worth breeding. I'm also sorry to tell you that nothing illegal was done. As Mr. Brady told Greg in the episode where he bought a car: caveat emptor... let the buyer beware. Sounds like you didn't do too much research before buying and now perhaps are suffering some buyers remorse. Don't let the little things get you down. Neuter your buddy and love him up.

  • Buying a puppy from these people you are taking a chance. Since they are backyard breeders you have no idea if your pug will end up with health problems. Esp. if both parents are under 3yrs. old. Some problems may not show up till the dog is 3-5yrs. old.

    APRI is a "fake" registry. It does not mean much of anything.

    AKC registration is no guarantee of quality.

    I'd ask if they are offering any health guarantees....I doubt they are. I would research what health problems are common in pugs and decide if you can afford the bill if the dog turns out to have a problem.

    Since you just want a pet and will not be breeding from it, I just hope you get one that lives a healthy life.

    Pugs are usually very sweet and funny dogs. Get any puppy/dog you get to a vet ASAP for a thorough exam.

  • APRI is a scam registry. It is one of several registries that were created by BYB and mills to register dogs that weren't registerable in a legit registry or who were sold on limited registration with a legit registry and weren't suppose to be used for breeding but the owner chose to breed anyway, because the owners/breeders have been suspended from doing business with a legit registry, because the dogs aren't really purebreds.... It is a "fake" registry that irresponsible breeders use to fool people into believing they have a registered/purebred dog when they don't. There is nothing you can do about it now and nothing you can do about the money you paid for the dog... People need to really do their homework before buying a puppy..they need to make sure they are buying from a responsible breeder who registers their dogs with a legit registry, does health testing (not just vet exams), pedigree research,etc.

  • AKC has been around longer and has more inbred ...well "pure bred" dogs. AKC dogs are usually more expensive. APRI is easier to get papers with. I've known several shady dealers who have cheated their AKC papers. Rather than papers I would be looking more at the parents. Do they have knee problems? How is coat texture? What size are they? Do they appear healthy and energetic? Do they have teeth problems? (and whatever breed specific questions there are like breathing and obesity).

    That seems cheap for a pug but you can always compare prices in your local paper.

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  • APRI is not a scam they have bloodline pedigree s and you have to enter in both parents Registered identification number to get a litter registered. Its people like you guys who think just because you don t have it that its not real. The only difference is that one is recognized out side of the US and the other isn t. Half the people buying purebred registered dogs aren t buying them to show they just want a fantasy title. They are both recognized as respectable registry s.

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