what is the regulation size of a croquet mallet?

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  • There are very few regulations governing the size, shape, weight & playing characteristics of a croquet mallet. The only regulation pertaining to size is if you are playing in a 6 wicket American rules game. The US Croquet Association requires that a ball that crosses the boundary must be marked in 9". To do so reliably, any mallet head LONGER than 9" must have mark-in lines on the mallet head.

    Typically, backyard mallets range in size from 7-1/2" to 8-1/2" (head size) and 24" to 30" tall. Tournament level mallets are 9" to 12" head size and 34" to 40" overall height. The former usually weigh about 2 lbs while the latter weigh 2 lb 12 oz to 3 lbs. This is to help move the larger, heavier ball across the court.


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