what is the song form the Rock band 2 intro?

It' s the one with the two bands fighting each other. the song says "come on now ladies and gentlemen" over and over again, but what is the song?

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  • Hello There - Cheap Trick


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    OK.. thsi is gonna be done in a couple of edits..... the first to answer the general premise... and the second after i get a chance to check your links..... Well... firstly..t he people who say that are either lazy, or IMO ignorant..or usually a mix of both. And I can say I was borderline on becoming one. I was from the tape swapping underground era, where we could pass along demos and mixes of allt he new stuff hitting the scene..... ( ah the 80s) and then Yo MTV Raps hit, and grunge and Alternative became the Mainstream, and Boy Bands invaded.. and I too thought Rock n Roll and REAL Metal had gone the way of the dodo bird. By the late 90s i was in a musical funk like you would not believe. Then I got the internet, and found a few bands.. then I gor on R&P lo those many years ago, and listened to other Rock n Metal fans suggestions, learned about Pandora, Last FM, Youtube, Myspace etc... and suddenly the floodgates re-oƿє-ṅєd. It's true most of what I hunt down is metal, but I also love good rock and especially Stoner rock. Now I admit... there does not seem to be teh prevelance of Arena Rock, like the Freddie Mercuries of the world, but there is tons of good music.. and as many of the actual musicians of the "Classic Rock" era have done.. maybe it's time to open your tiny minds up to somethign besides the Allman Brothers. Look at David Bowie, the guy has experimented with Trip Hop, Jungle, AOR, Dance, etc....... In other words... he isn't being small minded about where to find music. Personally, I feel with the increasingly open internet, and the networking it allows, anyone who says "there is no longer any good music" deserves a swift kick in the head. **will comment on the links in a bit. Everyone's Talking, had more of a modern Cat Steven's vibe to me than anything. Didn't care much for war pt 1, but the rest was pretty good. Cannot say it was instantly catchy enough to make we want to run out and buy it, but it was good. Floater - Kinda reminds me of Clutch in how their sound seems to change with virtually every track. Crusatyer actually reminded me a lot of Bon Jovi's Blaze of Glory in the intro, lol. Again... good stuff, nothign I am wild over, but it proves the point that modern rock bands don't have to be crap. As does Clutch and many more.

  • Rockband 2

  • Are you ready to rock By cheap trick the lyrics are pretty easy

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