what is the structural formula of butanal?

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  • but- = 4 carbon backbone

    -al = aldehyde



  • Butanal Structure

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    what is the structural formula of butanal?

  • There is no such thing as 4-hexene (I havent written the hydrogens) C-C=_C-C-C This is 2 pentyne C-C-C-C-O-C This is methoxy butane(a methoxy group attached to n-pentane) C-C-C-C*-C-C-C-C Attach a ketonic(double bond O) group to the C atom marked *) C-C-C-CONH2 This is butanamide C-C-C-C-C-C-COOCH3 This is methylheptanoate(methyl group attached in place of H of heptanoic acid) C-C-C-C-COOH Pentanoic acid C-C-C-CHO Butanal The following may also be helpful (the third column is how you name the compound) CHO Aldehyde -al COOH Carboxylic acid -oic acid OH Alcohol -ol CONH2 Amide -amide etc

  • I have a problem that butane contain C4 and H10 but after making butanal (Butyraldehyde) there are C4 and H8?

    can anyone clear it properly?

  • Butanal : –

    CH3 – CH2 – CH2 – CHO

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