what is the translation for Waga Kokoro Mei Kagami Shisui – Saree Doko no Tenohira (Te) wa Rekka no Gotoku?

i know its the theme for g gundam during some of domons awesome attacks, but i can't translate it as it is in english if you were spelling it out , and not in japanese symbols.

1 Answer

  • Correctly it's:

    我が心明鏡止水 ~ されどこの掌は烈火の如く

    Waga Kokoro Meikyou-shisui ~ Saredo Kono Tenohira wa Rekka no Gotoku

    which is literary Japanese meaning:

    "My mind [is as clear/calm as] a polished mirror or still water ~ still this palm is [burning] like fierce blaze".

    Source(s): I'm Japanese.

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