What is the word for “third year” in japanese?~?

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  • 三年目 san nen me - the third year in general

    三年生 san nen sei - the third year in a cursus

  • Third year class is "san nen sei." University is "Dai gaku"

    I would probably say, "Dai gaku no (of) san nen sei."

    I just checked in a dictionary, and it's correct. Junior year is san nensei.

    But I think that shou gaku (primary school) third grade student is also a san nensei.

  • romanized: san-nensei

    hiragana: さんねんせい

    kanji: 三年生

    I assume you meant student. So there ya go. Replace the "san" with 1 (ichi) ,2 (ni) , or 4 (in this case 'yo') and you get the other student year/grade.

    Source(s): we so just went over that on japanese midterm 😉
  • 大学三年生

    "Daigaku sannensei"

    There is no "no" between "daigaku" and "sannensei"

    Source(s): Studied abroad in Japan
  • san

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