What is the Wu-Tang secret?

Please reveal the Wu-Tang secret to me.

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  • i will never reveal the wu-tang secret. and if you don't believe me imma kill your ѕнι𝓉

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    What is the Wu-Tang secret?

    Please reveal the Wu-Tang secret to me.

  • the sound. if you listen to the beats, the drumbeat is pretty much the same in every song, with a few variations. RZA keeps everything simple, letting the emcees take over.

    the emcees don't talk about stuff that all other emcees talk about.

    i don't actually know the secret, both that's why they've managed to stay in the public's consciousness for about 15 years 'n running, not to mention some damn classic albums like liquid swords,36 chambers and only built 4 cuban linx

  • It's in the Wu-Tang Manual, just read it!

  • The God Damn Emblem....

    Never as a logo been so powerful within hip hop....

    it's enough to sell about anything....

    But on a more serious note i think it's because those nine gutter lookin' ghetto kids really showed that you could actually make it outta the hood, plus the fact that most of their fans are now in their mid-twenties or early thirties, that have been tellin' to a younger generation of headz that Wu is Hip Hop.

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  • sampling Kung-Fu tapes

  • Ha ha. I know but I ain't tellin.

  • can you keep a secret? if so, i can too...

  • rhythm

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