What is this old rap song?! BaDoNkAdOnK?

its an old rap song it goes like

badonkadonk, all in ya face when ya at the club.

badonkadonk, slide down the pole *somethin somethin

look at that *ss its so much fun

or somethink like that! whats the song!?


5 Answers

  • "badonkadonk" by Twista. if it's not twista it's his group speedknot mobstas

  • Badonkadonk Lyrics

  • try searching you-tube type in badonkadonk lyrics its by twista

  • "Badunkadunk" by Twista

    It's from his 'Kamikaze' album, released in 2004.

  • Trace Adkins **** it's country

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