what is this police charge “MTAG/MAN DEL CS PG 1 >=4G<200G"?

I think it's something about manufacturing and deliver of a controlled substance. What is the MTAG?

thanks! can I extend my request for information?

The subject was charged with MAN DEL CS PG 1>=4G<200G in 2007. He has stayed out of trouble and was on probation (the judge gave him the chance to do an inpatient drug treament program). He remained clean. In late 2009, he was charged w/ DWI. In January 2010, his record reflects "MTAG/MAN DEL CS PG 1 >=4G<200G" and I know he had a hearing the first week of February where he was put back on probation. The judge told him last week that the reason he wasn't being sent to prison was because he had a good lawyer. The plea was that he would get 10 years if he violated his probation rather than the 99 years the DA wanted. I know i'm being confusing, but what was MTAG about if he had a hearing in February?

1 Answer

  • Motion to Adjudicate Guilt/Manufacturing-Delivery of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1, Over 4 Grams, Under 200 Grams.

    A definite prison sentence.

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