What is wrong with Josh Childress teeth?

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  • lol, I was wondering the same thing in the video I watched on ESPN

    I think he just has really small teeth, that and I think he has a fake tooth


  • Josh Childress Teeth

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    What is wrong with Josh Childress teeth?

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    Josh Childress is not a bust, unless you ever expect him to be Kobe II. He plays well in Hawks and he is a leading candidate for 6th Man of the Year Award. Plus, he would be one of the best perimeter defensive defenders in this league. Sebastian Telfair always sounds promising but when Jaric is even a more consistent PG and Randy Foye anchors the offense well, c'mon he is over. NYC PGs are always fancy but few follows the way that Mark Jackson played but rather focuses on doing fancier plays only. Ask Omar Cook and Smush Parker. Kwame Brown is a lock as a bust so there's no need to discuss any more.

  • He must spend too much time taking care of his stupid afro than he does with his teethr

  • his fro is way too big so he cant see his teeth =P

  • he wont take the time out to go to the dentist

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