What kind of mileage does a big Greyhound type of bus get?

Need to know operating cost for a large bus to carry elderly warlocks who get lost when flying.

Does it use regular gas or diesel? MPG?

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  • Six miles to the gallon. While idling, consumes one and

    one-half gallons. Fuel tanks of newer buses have around

    220 gallon capacity while older buses have 185 gallon

    capacity. Newer buses have range of about 1,200 miles.

    Engines last between 300,000 and 500,000 miles (includes

    lots of idle time) before needing replacement. Newer

    technology requirements taking effect January 1st will

    allegedly reduce working life of newer engines. Effort

    is to reduce pollution by government. By the way,

    the "Greyhound" type buses are called coaches.

    Distinction between the two terms varies, but my own

    distinction is that coaches have restrooms. Buses don't.

    New highway coach costs around $400,000. Buses

    (like school buses) cost around $50,000. So, another

    distinction between the two is difference of $350,000.

    More than you ever wanted to know about buses (aka:

    coaches). Uses diesel fuel. Elderly warlocks are

    frequently transported. Every two hours stop for restroom. Play non-stop bingo between rest stops.

    Must give prizes from Dollar General. Puzzle over the

    ooooooos and ahhhhhhhhhhs when gifts are oƿє-ṅєd.

    Brooms are stored in lugɡɑɡe bays beneath. Pointed

    hats are required to be stored with brooms (insurance


  • Greyhound Bus Types

  • diesel and 8 to 10 mpg

  • Goodness! I imagine four miles to the gallon. Make sure everyone chips in for bus fare.

  • N..now you know what the cost is whenever I get myself in a predicament. My powers aren't what they used to be, Dearie. I..I'm quite certain we can whip up some fuel for our bus without PAYING for it...Oh, MY!

  • if you are serious?? diesel, usually, and a very rough estimate would be 12-16 mpg

  • 5 gallons per mile!

  • If it is the "Magic Bus" it needs no fuel!

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