What kind of stuff are you into?

Like hobbies & stuff.

14 Answers

  • reading

    working puzzles

    cross stitching.


    and writing

  • Music, video & online games, word games, writing & creating characters and sleeping.

    I don't do sports.

  • badminton, listening to music, anything artsy (guitar pianon drawing writing etc), watching tv, playing with animals like dogs and stuff.

    Source(s): i love animals
  • Collecting things worth money.

  • Reading, writing, singing, dancing, and acting. But mostly dancing. As you can see, I'm pretty creative.

  • music

  • Movies. Watching movies, making movies, discussing movies, talking movies, collecting movies....movies.

  • collecting antiques

    reading novels

    trying new recipes

    playing board games


    listening to music

    i'm basically my grandmother with perkier ҍօ.օҍs.

  • Singing, reading, writing ...

  • AARRR! Pirate stuff!

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