What late 90’s song goes something like” I feel a little poke coming threw”?

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  • "Too Close" by Next


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    What late 90's song goes something like" I feel a little poke coming threw"?

  • "too close" and there are 3 versions of it, but the one recorded in the 90s is by next

  • Too Close-Next

  • " i feel alitle poke comming threw...on you..Girl i know you felt it...boo you know i can't help it...you know what i wanna doooo."

    yep "Too close" by Next all day long.



  • "i feel a little poke, coming through from you...?"

    too close..

  • "too close" by Next

  • offsrping- by 78 degress

  • any song from Scatman.

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