What makes Starbucks a successful business?

I'm writing a one page paper on what makes Starbucks a successful business and i need all the info i can get. Thanks

A website would be really helpful. *hint hint*

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  • I'm not a coffee drinker, but here is my 2 cents. Most coffee drinkers would probably agree that the coffee tastes good. However, it was also a novel idea when it started. The economy was good and people wanted to be seen with a $4 cup of coffee in their hand. However, since the down turn in the economy, Starbucks hasn't ben doing as well. They have been laying off people and closing down stores. With a down economy, people can't afford $4 coffee any more. Starbucks recently filed an 8-k with the SEC indicating they are closing 600 stores. Go into Yahoo finance and to a search on Starbucks. There are articles about Americans returning to frugal ways.

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  • Starbucks Coffee is an international business. They have stores in so many countries, in North America, in Europe in China. Almost anywhere you travel, you will see a Starbucks. Ergo, it is a familiar store.

    Also, Starbucks has many products and allows customers to customize it as much as they want with minimal charges. Such as nonfat or whole milk instead of 2%, or making it extra hot/kids temperature, or even adding combined flavouring syrups.

    Furthermore, Starbucks Coffee aims to connect with customers. There are three key things that make the "Starbucks experience":

    1) The drink/food.

    2) The lobby, cleanliness

    3) Customer service.

    If one of those pieces if missing, the whole puzzle falls apart. Excellent customer service can make up for poor drinks. Ex: Using customer service skills and apoligizing sincerely, offering a drink remake, and giving the customer a recovery coupon. But good food can not make up for poor customer service. Ex: Baristas not caring about the customers or even saying hi when customers walk in. A good drink will not make a customer forget the poor service.

    Starbucks also strives for something called "third place". First place being home, and second place being work. This means, that the company does not want to be viewed as "just another coffeehouse", they want to be able to let people relax, and hang out. This is part of the reason why there is Wi-Fi there.

    When all three pieces are put together, as they say: They come for the coffee, stay for the inviting warmth, and return for the very human connection.

    Also, check out the Mission Statement:


  • Starbucks is very successful because of these things: it's convenient (coffee is served quick and not everyone has the time to make their own coffee), theres a lot of starbuck stores selling coffee daily( the more stores they have the more they sell), and their variety of coffee flavors that appeals to all sorts of people with different tastes. Just expand on those ideas and you should have an essay. So there it is in short so I hoped this helped.

    *edit* Starbucks is not doing well now because of how economy is going. But even so they are still very successful

  • One thing is consistency. Every Starbucks looks similar, uses the same graphics, has the same menu and makes their drinks the same way. This is important because people don't want to think about every choice -- they just want to order a drink and get what they expect. And they want the same drink if they go to another Starbucks in another city.

  • they followed the rules of good marketing, specifically regarding "branding"-they created a strong "brand" in the Starbucks name, which goes beyond selling coffee-they sell the Starbucks experience. It includes premium, quality coffee but also great decor/ambiance in their stores, including comfy couches and chairs and cool music.

    They pioneered this concept so they set the standard.

    they offer good customer service through knowledgeable and well-trained employees and from my experience, always being sufficiently staffed-i've never been to one with only one person behind the counter.

    they treat employees well-one of if not the benefit pkgs in retail for part-timers especially, so they create employee loyalty, and hang onto good employees.

    they know their market and stick to what they are good at, but also change enough to respond to emerging trends and customer needs and preferences.

  • The same thing that makes the iPhone great. Some smart guys in the advertising department and a hell of alot of hype.

    I prefer ᑕнιcκ-Fil-A coffee myself =]

  • I am doing a project on starbuck and if you could fill out this that would be great.

    What is your favorite coffee store?

    Why do you like Starbucks?

    What do you get there

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  • They figured out what the people want

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