what should i wear while parasailing?

im going parasiling tommorow.

but im not sure what to wear.

i hear you get dunked in the water during landing.

like shorts,or bathing suit, im not sure.

im doing this in hawaii, im visiting for the whole summer.

7 Answers

  • you should just wear a bathing suit, no flips flops of anklets and leg apparel you could wear a hat, maybe sunglasses, because they don't dunk you all the way because if the did, the para sail would get waterlogged and it would work and the wouldn't be able to reel it back in. The extending cable goes about 500 feet but since you at an angle, you only go up at little over or under 300-350 ft., so you shouldn't wear loose clothing by the way, if they dip you'll know if their gonna do it because the sail doesn't look high enough to reach the platform,they let you up a little and then reel you in

  • i went in malaysia its soooo fun! i didn't get dunked in the water they put me down at the beach. i think i was wearing shorts and a t-shirt with swimmers underneath. have fun! its awsome!

  • in my opinion;

    you should wear a bikini.I think I am going to do parasailing on August.

    have a nice day.

  • Nothing. Clothes are overrated.

  • a bikini

  • a bathing suit!!!!

  • any thing

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