What should I write in a gift bible?

I have just bought my six year old son his first real bible. I want to write something in the front of it. Something concise and beautiful- but not daggy!

No stupid bible-bashing comments thanks!

I have just bought my six year old son his first real bible. I want to write something in the front of it. Something concise and beautiful- but not daggy!

No stupid bible-bashing comments thanks!

Thanks TLJ83 for your comment.

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  • I give you this gift from my heart that was too given to me from Our Lord and Father in Heaven -- the gift of life and truth. Read God's Word and cherish it's promises and hope that we will both live together forever in Heaven.

    He may not understand it all now, but he will someday and for yrs to come. God bless your desire to give your son a most precious gift. God bless you

  • What is wrong with you people? Just because we have the means to spread our views, thoughts, beliefs, and opinions so openly through internet..... does not mean we should. Especially to people we do not know. This mother wants to give her child a gift...... a book. She wants to write something important in it bc he may keep this book for many years or his whole life. When he looks back on it when he is older, if he chooses to, he will be reminded of the love his mother has for him and her beliefs. You are all so judgmental and over think things. Just let her be. Do you have no respect? If you have nothing nice to say- do not say anything at all. I am a believer - my best friend is not. However, her oldest daughter who is 9 has recently showed an interest in God and has gone to Sunday School with my children and church with my family and now my best friend wants me to buy her daughter a bible and write something in it. Remind you..... the mother does not believe in God but does not prevent her child who is curious to learn about it. I commend her. And she commends me bc I don't force religion down anyone's throat. I am graciously bringing her daughter along so she can learn on her own and form her own beliefs. Just bc this 6 yr old boy will have a bible does not mean he is going to instantly become a bible thumper. And even if he does - what business is that of yours? To each their own. We all have our own beliefs and the great thing about this world is that we can be our own person and have our own beliefs and we are all so different from each other. The world would be so boring if we all were the same. Go find something better to do with your lives then trying to crush a mothers soul by doing something she finds important for her family. Shame on you non-believers.

  • "This Bible contains material on Christianity. Christianity is a belief, not a fact, regarding the origin of living things. This material should be approached with an open mind, studied carefully and critically considered."

    Hold on, your six-year-old son? What the hell is wrong with you? Do you actually hate freedom of religion so much that you would indoctrinate a six-year-old just so you could be certain he wouldn't make his own decisions? This kid trusts you absolutely. If you abuse that trust like this, then you're a pretty awful person.

  • Writing on the inside cover or the first page where it says to and from on it is ok. It is a gift that you are giving to your son, whether he reads it or not is his choice. (giving your son a bible is not forcing christian religion on him). Now you are giving your son a book which he can read and discover God for himself. He can look in the book for answers to questions he didn't understand. Discover the love God as for him. So he will know that no matter what situations come his way, or whatever he does in life, he can repent, God will forgive, and God will forever love him.

    Also I think that it is great to give your son the bible early in life.

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    That's the best gift you could get him, excellent choice. If I'm ever in jail, I hope someone will bring me my bible. You could write a personal message, then quote some of your / his favourite scriptures. Or ones that would encourage him during his time in prison. Paul and Silas springs to mind...!

  • Sorry but I don't think you can give him a bible for a gift. I bought a poker book before for a friend and they were unable to get it because it was against the rules to give it. She said if he wanted to read a book it would have had to already been inside the jail. So if they already have bibles available for them to read I'm sure they wont let you give it to him.

  • Make this precious gift your guide. In it's Holy Word abide. Study well it's every page. Light of Youth and staff of Age.

  • "This is something I put in bibles I give to other mostly adults but I do put it in my grandchildrens no matter what age:

    " This Book....contains the mind of God, the state of man, the way of salvation, the doom of sinners, and the happiness of believers. It s doctrines are Holy, it s precepts are binding, it s histories are true, and it s decisions are immutable. READ it to be Wise, BELIEVE IT to be Saved, and PRACTICE IT to be Holy. It contains Light to direct you, Food to support you, and Comfort to cheer you. IT is the traveler s map, the Pilot s compass, the Soldier s sword, and the Christians charter. Here Paradise is restored, Heaven oƿє-ṅєd, and the gates of Hell disclosed. CHRIST is it s grand subject, our good it s design, and the Glory of God it s end. READ IT slowly, frequently, prayerfully,. IT is a mine of wealth, a paradise of glory, and a river of pleasure! IT will reward the greatest labor, and condemn all who trifle with it s sacred contents. IT is the Book of Books - God s Book - the revelation of God to man." author unknown

  • Your child will only follow your religion because you tell him that it is the right thing to do.....just like santa may seem like common sense to a child that young so would the idea of god, heaven, hell and the bible....why not wait until he is old enough to understand the complexities of religions, cultures and deities and let him decide what is right for him???

  • I would write their name & say, the date, & how much they mean to you, & that you hope the word will find it's way into his heart as it is in yours,

    something like that.

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