what song contains the lyrics “don’t stop get it get it”?

10 Answers

  • How Low- Ludacris

    here's the video:


  • 'Never Stop' by the Stones, actually. The song is an alternative version of 'Start Me Up'. I like it a lot more, it's dirtier and less polished. Ain't that what the Stones are all about? Search it up on youtube, you'll like it. BQ: Stones: At the moment 'Dancing in the Light' of the remaster of Exile and 'the Last Time' and their Robert Johnson cover of 'Love in Vain'

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    Who'll stop the rain? -CCR Don't stop believing -Journey Stop in the name of love -Sumpremes Can't stop this thing we started -Bryan Adams (covers both words) Can't stop the rain- Cascada Don't stop till you get enough - Micheal Jackson Nothing's gonna stop us now -Starship Don't stop thinking about tomorrow -Fleetwood Mac It's starting to look a lot like Christmas -Bing Crosby We didn't start the fire -Billy Joel Just like starting over - John Lennon

  • Feel Good Inc by The Gorillaz.

  • "I Wanna Rock" by Luther Campbell (1st song that I can remember with those lyrics).

  • Ice cube - you can do it

    50cent Ft Justin Timberlake- ayo technology

    Source(s): Me
  • don't stop - alfonzo hunter ft. fabulous ?


  • Gorillaz - Feel Good INC

  • How Low Can You Go - Ludacris

    Source(s): I know that song (:
  • luke - i wanna rock


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