What state does My name is Earl take place in?

i here alot of maryland towns

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  • The state in which the show takes place is never mentioned, but according to the creator, Gregory Thomas Garcia, the show takes place in the fictional county of Camden (not to be confused with the actual Camden Counties in New Jersey, Missouri, Georgia, and North Carolina). Creator Garcia said that the town is named after his son.

    The references to Maryland locations (such as Hagerstown, Cumberland, Shady Grove, and Frostburg State University) are due to his familiarity with an area he hails from and that "the show doesn’t technically take place anywhere ... we like to think it’s anywhere. We don’t really say exactly where it is." The pilot episode showed that Earl and Joy drove from Camden County to Las Vegas, Nevada within a single night, suggesting a location in the American Southwest. Also, the frequent appearance of palm trees as Earl and Randy drive around town imply that that Camden County must be in a southern state.

    You can read the whole paragraph and info on wiki by scrolling down to where it says setting and shooting locations.

  • Earl Of Camden

  • My name is Earl may take place in Maryland. The show talks about Hagerstown and Cumberland, both cities out in Western MD and also references Frostburg State, the only school in the country with that name, which is in MD. Also, Maryland was a southern sympathizer during the Civil War, which is referenced in the show. Lastly, the weather is obviously warm due to the palm trees, which grow in Southern states. Maryland does grow palms, so it is possible.

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    My Name Is Earl is set in fictional Camden County. Creator Greg Garcia says: “ The show doesn’t technically take place anywhere....we like to think it’s anywhere. We don’t really say exactly where it is. ” On episode Inside Probe (Part 2), Earl hints at a general location by saying, "I guess we are in the central time zone." The show is filmed in the San Fernando Valley, in Southern California. On the last DVD, in reply to a viewer's question, Greg Garcia admits that Camden is loosely modeled on Waldorf, Maryland.

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    What state does My name is Earl take place in?

    i here alot of maryland towns

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  • I just watched an episode in season 4, with Joy trying to get on Estrada or Nada, after she failed to get on once, and Earl heard there was going to be a vote for one of the losers to get another chance. anyways, Estrada said, 'now its time for results of the Texan vote'

    that doesn't necessarily mean they are in Texas, but it's something.

  • Where Is Camden County

  • In the "Inside Probe" episode, it is stated that Camden County is in the Central Time Zone. In that epieode there are numerous references to the "Central Flag" and their state's ambiguous position during the civil war. Missouri has a Camden County, is in the Central Time Zone, and was a divided state during the civil war.

    Do the math.

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