what things come in fives?

10 Answers

  • pentagons, dollar bills, golden rings( 5 GOLDEN RINGS!!! 4 calling birds, 3 french hens,....), fingers, toes, poker hands (5 card stud), stars(5 points), family (family of 5), NHL starting 5, NBA starting 5, fighting penalties (5 minutes), party (party of 5), quintets, quintuplets ...

  • What Comes In Fives

  • Things That Come In Fives

  • It depends on the guy. If he is decent looking, smart and confident, I would think that he probably couldn't afford to go. I would also think that maybe the guy is so smart that he knows of other ways (legal ways of course) on how to become successful. If he looks like a bum, doesn't speak will, looks lazy and is not a decent person, I would think that he's a loser. Although I believe that a college degree is important, I know a FEW people who have become successful without a college degree. They were very intelligent and they had a gift of talking to people and make themselves look really important. However, although they didn't go to school, they spent ALOT of time doing research and reading books and talking to people about building a successful business or worked hard to get better positions in the company that they were working for.

  • Pancha thantra (Old Indian stories based on the 5 ways of cleverness), The 5 husbands of Panchali (a women in a ethic Mahabharat), Pentagon Building has 5 sides, nothing I could guess, cadburys 5 star chocolate.................

  • The five olympsc rings

  • Go to:


    Enter quintet

    Do the search. You'll come up with a list.

  • pentagons


    body parts

    and a bunch of other stuff that i don't know about

  • hands, pentagons, starfishes

  • Babies, quintuplets.toes, fingers, (sometimes husbands)lol

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