What titles (DDS, DMD, MSD, MS) make the best orthodontist?

I'm thinking about getting braces with an orthodontist who has a DDS and MS. Is that good or would an orthodontist with one or more of the other titles be better?

3 Answers

  • the only title an orthodontist gets that means anything is MS. they all go to dental school which gives you the DDS or DMD which is exactly the same. MS says that they went to ortho school after dental school. if there isn't an MS after their name then it's just a regular dentist like me that likes to do ortho. it's perfectly legal and normal for a dentist to do ortho but most dentists just find it a little boring. complicated cases are best handled by the orthodontist while easy cases are usually handled by a dentist.

  • Dds Versus Dmd

  • Dds Title

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