what to say when someone says “Happy Birthday!”?

It's my birthday today and I'm wondering what to say when someone says happy birthday! What I do when someone wishes me happy birthday on facebook, just saying thanks is boring.

I get embarrassed when people know it's my birthday/wish me happy birthday, why is this?

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    now say "thanks...." that's all.....lol

    its my friend's bday too--every time i shouted happy bday at her at work on friday-her response was..."sssshhhhh"


  • You get embarrassed because you are the center of attention. Of course, some people love being in the limelight, but if you're like most people, you don't.

    You simply respond with a sincere "Thanks!" or "Thank you," or "I appreciate the greetings," and go on to something else.

    I have a tendency to get silly. I would say something like, "I know! Isn't that great? I hope I get some good stuff." Or I would post a photograph from google images of an elaborate birthday cake. Or I would say, "Yeah, it's all about me today!"

    If you really know the person well and they can take a joke, you can say, "What did you get me?" Or "I saw a such-n-such that was really nice." *nudge wink*

    Oh, yes, "Happy Birthday, Joshua." Are you having a cake?

    Here's one for you: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_NjdBzKI5nYs/SakxL-xgRWI/...

  • In my opinion a simple thank you should be sufficient. 🙂 If it's on facebook and you've gotten a lot of people leaving such comments maybe just change your status to say 'thank you for the birthday wishes it was a great day' or something along those lines rather than answering everyone individually.

  • you shouldn't be embarrassed,everyone has a birthday once a year. it is a celebration of life. people just want to acknowledge you on your special day. just say thank-you, and enjoy your wonderful day. HAPPY-BIRTHDAY !!!

  • Don't know what to say

  • Just say, Thank You". That's enough.

  • Was going to ask this too

  • Simply say, "Thank You!"

  • It may be boring, but thanks is the appropriate word.

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