What type of additional attack does arp spoofing rely on?

the questions are related to Advacned network security. please
answer them asap.

QUESTION 1 What is the name for a predefined framework that can be used for controlling access, and is embedded into software
QUESTIONS Areparecord of seat of a connection between an internal computer and an extra device in technology below! orang 2 S


Amswer 1) : (c) Access control model.

Answer 2) : (d) MAC spoofing.

Answer 3) : (a) DDoS.

Answer 4) : (a) group-based access control.

Answer 5) : (d) Stateful Packet filtering.

Answer 6) : (a) least functionality.

Answer 7) : (d) Port mirroring.

Answer 8) : (a) heuristic monitoring.

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