What type of reaction is depicted by this equation?


A.) Combustion.

B.) Single- replacement.

C.) Combination.

D.) Decomposition.

Can you also explain how to do this in VERY simple terms please? I am slow at understanding things.


3 Answers

  • Combustion. It releases carbon dioxide and water and energy

    For a combination reaction, I think only one molecule is created such as Na + Cl--> NaCl

    Or O 2 + 2H 2 O → 2H 2 O 2

    Single replacement reaction-> A+BC--> AC+B

    Decomposition--> AB-->A+B or NaCl--> Na +Cl

  • I'd go for Combustion, since combustion by definition is reaction where fuel (C4H10) reacts with oxidant (O2), heat is released (that could be noted above the -->, np if it isn't) and complete chemical conversion. That's what happens in the equation.

    It's not combination or decomposition, since there is cross-replacement of moleculaes (se, there is nothing composed from elements and nothing decomposed to elements)

    It's not single-replacement, since that would require one element (or ion) passing into compound.

  • A) Combustion because Carbon dioxide and water are the end products of burning!

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