What type of science is electricity?

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  • it falls under physics

    but u can major on either electrical or electronics later

  • Study Of Electricity

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    What type of science is electricity?

  • type science electricity

  • As everyone knows a matter that entire matter on universe is electronic in nature…everything consists of common particles called electron..dynamics of charged partidle called electricity…it touches every branch in physics…as physics being king of science deals with and touches every part of our explanation regarding anything on and about universe…so believe it as knowledge rather than subject

  • The actual electricity is really a science of energy and power.

  • Usually studied as part of physics, electronics or electrical engineering. Chemists also study electro-chemistry which is the study of electrochemical cells and the movement of electrons that generate the voltage across the cell.

  • You would study electricity – it’s generation, transmission, how it’s used etc is studied in physics.

  • Usually studied as part of physics

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