What was the worlds population @ the end of ww2 (may 1945 )and today ?

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  • The world population has grown tremendously over the past two thousand years. In 1999, the world population passed the six billion mark.

    Latest official current world population estimate, for mid-year 2010, is estimated at 6,852,472,823.

    The chart below shows past world population data back to the year one and future world population projections through the year 2050.

    World Population Growth

    Year Population

    1 200 million

    1000 275 million

    1500 450 million

    1650 500 million

    1750 700 million

    1804 1 billion

    1850 1.2 billion

    1900 1.6 billion

    1927 2 billion

    1950 2.55 billion

    1955 2.8 billion

    1960 3 billion

    1965 3.3 billion

    1970 3.7 billion

    1975 4 billion

    1980 4.5 billion

    1985 4.85 billion

    1990 5.3 billion

    1995 5.7 billion

    1999 6 billion

    2006 6.5 billion

    2009 6.8 billion

    2011 7 billion

    2025 8 billion

    2043 9 billion

    2083 10 billion


    Also have a look at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_population

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  • World Population 1945

  • Britain would have never joined the Axis at any point either before or during World War II. Even Neville Chamberlain would have opposed that. The United States may have been a better candidate to join the Axis, save for its opposition to Japan’s actions against China. However you make some interesting points. The Royal Navy was among the best in the world, however the United States had already begun building superior ships and more of them. German warplane capacity was likely better than the British. The land armies of Germany and Britain were more comparable than one might think. Although Germany had better technology the Royal Army has never been weak. I simply don’t think there was any way the leadership of Britain could have accepted an alliance with Hitler or Mussolini. Mussolini, incidentally, was more respected as a leader in non-Axis countries prior to the war and could have been a model had other countries adopted fascism.

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    What was the worlds population @ the end of ww2 (may 1945 )and today ?

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