What will happen if i cut open a mosquito bite with a razor blade?

If i cut open a mosquito bite with my razor blade will it not itch any more??????

because it itches really bad

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  • DON' T open it with a razor blade you could make it worse. Put baking soda / a little water into a paste then put it on the bite that should help the itch. If not get some,ivyrest , or benadyl gel that helps with the itch. Hope this helps.

    Source(s): been there myself with bug bites.
  • It will bleed and itch. By the time severe itching starts, the mosquito's saliva, which is what causes that, has already spread. The itch is a mild allergic reaction to the saliva. One of the things that look like pens and spread on a liquid to stop the itch would be a better and less disfiguring solution.

    Or apply a paste of meat tenderizer and water.

  • Never cut open a misquito bite why cut it get some first bite rub at a drug store and applied ot some hydrocortizone ointment. Calomine lotion can also take some of the itch away but really not itching it is the first crucial thing the more you itch it the more itchy it will become. Talk to a pharmacist and get some recommendations

  • You could use a needle or something to pop it but not a razor that could make it way worse. But i dont sugjest popping it if one itches a lot for me i normally put a bandaide over it so i dont itch it.

  • Don't use a razor on it. Why don't you get some bug bite medication for it.

  • My friend takes her thingy that pricks her finger for testing her blood (diabetic) and pricks her bug bites and she says that it doesn't itch any more.

  • use a needle!!!!

    prick it, squish the puss out and voila, no more itch

    razor blade = way to much blood, not effective, still itchy, really messy!!!


  • I dont know but that could be an early symptom of epamotium extremous (emo)

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