what would cause both my turn signals to flash at the same time?

when i put on my signal (left or right) the front flashes properly but both of my rear signal lights flash at the same time.

I have a '93 Buick Regal

i can't figure what would cause this problem.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

8 Answers

  • Two conditions generally are the cause of this problem.

    A short in the blinker circuit. Most likely at the blinker switch.


    You may have a bulb that is about to blow or blown.

    Pull the bulbs out, inspect them, clean them and reinstall using new bulb grease in each socket. Make sure the sockets and bulbs are corrosion free. If they are corroded, clean them with ELECTRIC PARTS CLEANER. CFC makes a cleaner for this that won't hurt the plastic coating of the wiring. Keep it off the car's paint.

    IF the problem goes away, you are done. IF not, turn the blinkers on and off, checking both sides. You may find one blown or weak, replace as necessary. If you aren't sure, move the bulbs to other sockets and retest.

    If none of this corrects the problem, pull the switch and replace it. Some auto parts stores have the capability to test the switch, ask them to before purchasing a new switch.

    I hope this helps. If you have additional questions, please repost.

  • (EARTH) you don't hear that every day. anyway if you can measure the signal out of the multi-function switch or turn signal switch you should get a signal at the time if you are getting for instance when left being selected, voltage out of the right. the problem might be at the switch it self. the flasher relay will only send power or no power at all but if you are getting voltage where is not supposed to be, then the switch is the only circuit that has the voltage and ways to send it. hope it makes sense

  • It is probably a short in the wiring. Wires that are not grounded(not sure why the previous person called it earthed) would cancel each other OUT, not cause both to fire at the same time. Good luck, though! Your best bet is to have someone who knows about cars look at it. Otherwise people are just guessing as to the problem.

  • I had trouble with electricity feeding back to my high brake light on a 94 Sundance.

    The light sockets were corroded and 3 had to be replaced.

    Other than that all I can think of is a short somewhere.

  • Hi either you have a faulty flasher unit, or you need to check the earth, if you are not getting a good earth it may be earthing back through the other lamps. the other possibility is that someone somtime has had it apart and put the wires in wrong Good luck

  • Are your hazard lights on, perhaps?

  • You have your emergency flashers on.

  • I'm thinkin' your flasher is shot.

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