what’s a “collie man” as in slightly stoopid’s song “mr collie man”?

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  • Someone who sells weed. That song is actually a remake of "Macka Splaff" by Steel Pulse. Check it out, they're both good songs.

  • Slightly Stoopid Collie Man

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    what's a "collie man" as in slightly stoopid's song "mr collie man"?

  • If you listen to the lyrics you will hear that he says "You best not be come around here unless you got me sensi herb." Sensi or Collie is weed. So its Mr. Weedman.

  • The collie man refers to Timmy in the tv show and movies of LASSIE. Lassie was a collie dog and Timmy was his owner.

  • what coollie man got to do with weed?

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