What’s a sentence using the word referation?

Help me please it's important hw 😉

4 Answers

  • There is no such word.

  • Referation

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    One day i was at the zoo when i passed a GIRAFFE with no spots. It handed me a brown MARKER and pleaded for me to draw spots back on it, because the zoo people were threatening to sell it to SUBWAY, for Jared the Subway guy to promote his debut low-fat giraffe sandwich. I sympathised with the giraffe and opened the marker, all ready for some first class art work i learned in school, when I was convinced that the pretty brown marker was made of chocolate. so i ate it, and god it was SOUR. it also went straight to my head and I felt soooo high and so i picked up a huge sheet of BUBBLE WRAP, and holding it over my head, i jumped off the building, thinking that i would FLOAT safely down. But I was wrong. Au revoir, ma VIE!

  • Referation is not a word but referendum and reformation are. Is one of them yours?

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