what’s consulting revenue?

should i put consulting revenue in the income statement or balance sheet?

3 Answers

  • Consulting revenue is revenue earned from providing or performing consulting services. It belongs to the income statement.

  • Consulting Revenue

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    The answer is A $9,000 Here are your debit balances: Prepaid Insurance 4,000 Store Supplies 1,500 Accounts Receivable 6,000 Dividends 1,400 Salary Expense 2,600 Buildings 22,000 Utilities Expense 700 Cash 3,000 Total Debits 41,200 Here are your credit balances: Retained Earnings 11,600 Accounts Payable 8,000 Unearned Rent 900 Interest Revenue 1,700 Common Stock 10,000 Consulting Revenue 9,000 Total Credits 41,200 You need $9,000 in the Consulting Revenue account for the debits and credits to balance.

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