what’s the cost for hiring a webmaster?

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  • Webmaster is a rather outdated term these days. The job title used to be given to someone who maintains a website as opposed to a designer who creates the website. It used to require someone with a knowledge of html, or ability to use special software such as a wysiwyg html editor. But since the internet changed from static html pages to websites driven by content management systems, anyone can be a webmaster now - certainly no need to be a "master" of anything. Website maintenance is as easy as logging in to the content management system, and changing a few words, or adding some new text, or a new page, perhaps uploading an image or two, perhaps capable of using some basic image editing software is as complex as it need go. All you really need is someone who is relatively computer literate - certainly someone who likes to use facebook and twitter will "get it" instantly.

    I'm a website designer, I also train people to use the content management systems I use to create their websites. Most companies I do work for can usually find an existing member of staff who is reasonably computer literate to take on the task of website maintenance. Sometimes even the business owner, if it's a very small company, and if they have time to do it. On other occasions I have known some companies employ a marketing person to take over maintenance of their site.

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    what's the cost for hiring a webmaster?

  • Hiring a webmaster can be expensive. You could always look on craigslist, and hope you get a descent one. Of course the chances of that are 50/50Here's a pretty descent training course if you are interested in learning to do it yourself.

    If you want to check the system. Here you go - http://bit.ly/1acgpre

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    Different webmaster will charge you different cost. It depends upon what kind of website you are willing to make and with respect to the work load that you assign him/her.

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    Webmasters earned average hourly wages of $39.27 as of May 2011, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, or $81,670 per year.

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