whats the difference between a brothel and a harem?

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  • though both these places essentially offer women for recreational purposes, the harem is more like a private sanctuary of an influential person

    for example, a sultan might have his personal favorites of ladies in a harem who would only offer themselves to him or this personal guests

    the brothel has a more commercial definition: it is offering similar 'services' but with a transaction-like feel to it.

  • Harem Brothel

  • A brothel is a place where a man can go and have sex with a prostitute in a private room and it is looked after usually by an older women.

    A harem is a collection of women that are kept by one man for his own gratification. He has the variety and can use them any time he wishes and he does not even have to leave home. A pretty expensive method though.

  • A Brothel is where one would go to solicit the services of a prostitute.

    A Harem is a group of women kept to do the bidding of, for example, a shiek.

  • a harem is private, a brothel is for everyone

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