What’s the difference between bronze and bronze resin?

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  • Sculptors generally, but not exclusively, sculpt in clay or wax. A mould is then be made of this work according to which material

    the final piece will be cast in. Bronze or foundry bronze pieces are made using hot metal which is poured into the mould and is

    the more expensive of the two processes.

    Cold cast bronze or bronze resin (two names for the same material) is essentially resin in which bronze particles are suspended and then

    polished to resemble solid bronze - this is by far the cheaper process, making sculpture by established artists more affordable than it would

    otherwise be.

    As completely different types of mould are required by each process, a work would not usually be produced in both materials, hence a

    sculpture cast in bronze would not generally also be cast in bronze resin and vice versa.

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    What's the difference between bronze and bronze resin?

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  • Essentially "Bronze" is a metal ie an alloy of copper,tin and zinc,whilst "Bronze Resin" is a resin coloured to ressemble the metal or it can also be bronze powder in suspension within the resin.They are cast in two different methods----Bronze metal is cast by melting the metal then casting into molds by the lost wax process,sand or metal die processes,Bronze Resin is "cold cast" in rubber molds ie the resin is mixed with a catalyst the the liquid is poured into a mold.---This answer is short but I do hope it helps.

    By the way Rubinator's answer was great,I checked out the sources he refered to and added them to my site lists---well done Rubinator.

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