What’s the Giddy Multitude?

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  • The Giddy Multitude was a 17th Century term used by the Colonial Southern planting Elite, to describe the discontented class. Comprised of indentured servants, slaves, and free persons who did not own land, The Giddy Multitude, if united, created a threat to the established power and economic structure of the time.

    The Giddy Multitude now...

    Our Mission: To create collaborative, interactive performance/art pieces that serve as mediums for community building, education, and social change.

    Our Values: Community, humor, diversity, art, truth, compassion, justice, love, tolerance and respect for all of life. We honor that where attention goes, energy flows, and so we put our thoughts, our energy, our power towards that which we would like to manifest.

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    What's the Giddy Multitude?

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