What’s the grey stuff on your skin after you take a shower?

Every time I take a shower, I can scratch my arms or legs and this soft grey stuff comes off my skin. Is it like dead skin cells or something?

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  • Dead skin & soap residue. Use a moisturizing cleanser and an abrasive like a wash mitt.

  • that's exactly what it is, dead skin cells. the same thing happens to me. Ok so imagine a scab and you know how when it's wet you can sort of ᴘᴇᴇl it off better? Thats sort of like the dead skin cells. And also when their wet they clump together instead of just flaking off since they're not dry.

  • It's either soap scum or dead skin. Make sure you rinse properly. Make sure you are completely rid of all soap. And if you want to moisturize.....try these for your back http://moisturizingbackstrips.com/

  • Fungal Infection YEAST nobody sheds skin cells unless the skin is infected

  • yea it could be that or it could be skin dirtiness (if u didn't wash off very good)

  • ya it can be if your ᴘᴇᴇling or something...... I would use a loofa to remove that before you get out of the shower.

  • yes irts dead skin cells

  • its dead skin cells you really need to exfoliate.


  • You have a fungal Infection all over your skin 70% yes consult a skin doctor....

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