What’s the meaning of “To take a bullet for someone”?

i'm Italian and I don't understand it! Please help đŸ˜€

5 Answers

  • If you are "willing to take a bullet" for someone, that means you care about them enough to jump in front of a bullet to save them, or basically to let yourself die to save them from dying.

  • It means EXACTLY what alpha mutt above my post posted. It Just means u realy care about someone as a best friend or similar and u would do just bout anything 4them. Thats All it means.It Doesnt mean to actualy jump in front of a bullet.Which would prbly b impossible.I saw a post on FB of someone taking Wrong way,So i thought i would tell ppl the True Meaning. I have studied linguistics,I hope this helps at least one person.HaveGoodDayEveryone.

  • Literally speaking, it means you would die for someone else by jumping in front of the path of the bullet.

    Figuratively speaking, it means that you would take the blame for someone else's actions.

  • To take the blame for something someone else did so they aren't held responsible. It's a self-sacrificing sort of thing, when you pretend you were the one responsible so a friend doesn't get into trouble.

  • it means you are willing to sacrifice your life so that person may live. some say the definition of true love

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