Whats the pop culture meaning of seether from veruca salt’s song?

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  • ѵɑɠıռɑ

  • Seether Veruca Salt

  • Veruca Salt Seether

  • As with most rock songs, speculation ensued among fans as to the meaning of the lyrics, particularly over exactly to whom the song's character of "the Seether" refers. The song "Volcano Girls," does include the line, "The Seether's Louise," however, this could be in jest.

    According to an unofficial Veruca Salt FAQ (http://www.chrispy.net/~cheeks/FAQ.html), "Nina Gordon wrote Seether after having a discussion with someone and disagreeing so violently that she wanted to bash her face in. Simply put, Seether is about anger, a seething anger, hence the name. It has been said that it's more about a woman's anger, the kind of anger 'a woman is not supposed to show.'" If this statement is accurate, then any woman can "conceive her" and perhaps Louise was exhibiting anger at the time of the writing of Volcano Girls.

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  1. It’s a spotlight about how women can’t control their emotions. Thus, the lyrics “Can’t fight the seether”, and “I can’t see her until I’m foaming at the mouth”

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