whats the wiring diagram for 2001 ford taurus’s stereo?

i need to know colors of chords and what there for.

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  • +12V DC Battery(Constant) Red/yellow Control unit in left side of luggage compartment 117 20 amp Junction box in front center of engine compt.

    Switched Accessory Red/orange In-line with the starter relay 127 5 amp Junction box in front center of engine compt.

    Ground Black/lt.green

    Power Antenna Red/pink

    Remote Turn On(output) Brown/orange Pin 8 of CD changer. Also light green/black between rear control unit (C388B-2) and front panel (pin 4).

    Left Front + Orange/lt.green

    Left Front - Lt.blue/white

    Right Front + White/lt.green

    Right Front - Dk.green/orange

    Left Rear + Grey/lt.blue

    Left Rear - Tan/yellow

    Right Rear + Orange/red

    Right Rear - Brown/pink


    Wire Function Color Note

    Left Front Tweeter + Orange/lt.green If equipped

    Left Front Tweeter - Lt.blue/white If equipped

    Right Front Tweeter + White/lt.green If equipped

    Right Front Tweeter - Dk.green/orange If equipped

    Available Notes


    Information listed in the harness section refers (in this case) to the rear control unit in left side of the luggage compartment.

    INTEGRATED CONTROL PANEL has white/red for battery input (pin 11), with fuse no. 216 of 15 amps, black/pink for acc. power (pin 6), with fuse no. 211 of 15 amps, red/yellow for hot in start or run (pin 16), with fuse no. 227 of 10 amps; these fuses are in the central junction box.

    AUDIO connections between the integrated control panel (front) and the rear control unit (rear) are as follows:

    R+ dark blue/white wire between pin 9 front & pin C388B-7 rear

    R- gray wire between pin 19 front & pin C388B-20 rear

    L+ brown/light green wire between pin 20 front & pin C388B-6 rear

    L- white/pink wire between pin 10 front & pin C388B-19 rear

  • 2001 Ford Taurus Engine Diagram

  • You really need the kit. The instructions that come with the kit should answer all your questions. This is one vehicle that you should research before you go in and start cutting wires. The stock amp is also the stock tuner in this vehicle; it's the real brain of the system. You'll never get anywhere trying to figure out the harness behind the head unit, because there aren't any speaker wires there. Buy the right parts, then do the installation. You can't do it backwards in this vehicle.

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