When a guy says “I really like you” what does it mean?

and dont say that it means that he really likes you.... i mean does it mean that he is falling love with you??

if he is falling for me, does it mean he's close to asking me to be his gf????

we've been talking for months now and i know he isnt playing me (not gtting into details to prove it lol) and hes' flying cross country to see me...

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  • When a person usually says that they really like you it USUALLY means that they're scared to tell you that yes, they're falling in love with you. But it might seem too soon for them to say it so instead they say "really like"... I know this because numerous times I personally have told a guy this, and have friends tell me the same thing.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  • there could be an obvious reference to a joke that he thought you knew about. But often guys think a lot about how they will say, 'I like you' and then come up with something stupid. Just ask him straight out what he means and DO NOT have your or his friends nearby when you ask

  • Does He Really Like You

  • Yes it means that more than likly he will be asking you to go out with him. Its a good sign he is since hes flying across the country to see you. So make sure that when he arrives you two spend alot of time together and do somthing special. Good Luck!!

  • I'll tell you what it means. I'm a guy, so I'll tell you the straight up plain truth.

    It means you need to smack yourself upside the head and stop pretending there's a hidden meaning in that sentence! This guy just told you he really likes you, and that only ever means one thing. Unlike your gender, guys don't have a secret code or hidden language with deeper meanings.

    This is why everybody thinks women are completely crazy. Tell them something in plain English using small definitive words, and they go searching for another meaning. Seriously.

  • Guys are very straight forward creatures. When we take our time to say something, we mean it!

  • Sounds like he's about to make you his girl 😉

  • if a guy loves you he'll say it. in this case he only likes you. thats it. like as a good friend or something

  • He obviously likes you alot, and you should seriously consider how you feel about him

  • It means he really likes you.

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