When an application says u have to be at least 18 yrs.old. Does it mean are u close to 18yrs.old?

say for instincts that i qualify for a landscaper job or labor or construction would i still not be able to work the company?

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  • No. It means you must be 18 years or OLDER in order to do the job. Not only is this for legal reasons, but it is also for insurance purposes.

  • It means you have to be at least 18 years old... thats why they put it there =)..... Also a lot of applications just ask if you are 18.... there are a lot of labor laws that say you can only work a certain amount of hours, certain places, or being able to do ceratin jobs (like serve alcohol) So it might just be asking for that purpose. but if it says you MUST BE at least 18 thats what they mean not close... Unless you are when you will be starting the job

  • At least 18 yrs old giving a meaning of the applicant must above 18 years old and regardless how old the respondence. As long as he or she 18 years old or above of the age. Hence he or she are qualified be a application.

  • It means that you should be exactly 18 years or older. Usually this is a legal requirement of adulthood.

  • if it says you have to be at least 18 yrs old..

    it means you have to be 18 yrs old...

  • 18 and above. Nothing less.

  • minimum age you have to be is EXCATLY 18.

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