When attempting to stop on a slippery road

Attempting to stop on a slippery road a car moving at 80km/h
skidsacross the road at a 30 degree angle to its initial motion
comingto a stop in 3.9s. Determine the average acceleration in
m/s^2,using a coordinate system with x axis in the direction of the
car'soriginal motion and the y axis toward the side of the road to
whichthe car skids.


Given that
The initial velocity of the car (u) =80km/h
The angle made across the road(θ) =300

The time taken for the car to stop (Δt) =3.9s
Now the horizontal component of velocity(vx)
Vertical component (vy) = usinθ
Now the final velocity (vf) =

This will be the initial velocity of the car
The final velocity of the car after stop (vf')
Then the average acceleration of the car is given by
= vf' -vf /Δt

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